Netfix Recommendations

Here are my recommendations for Netflix. Your mileage may vary….


Luther– ┬áNobody does brooding detective shows better than the BBC.
Daredevil– A blind, vigilante lawyer somehow it works.
Luke Cage– One the best Marvel series.
Sherlock– The BBC gets Sherlock Holmes.
Jessica Jones– Another good Marvel series.
The Fall– Creepy and great.
Peaky Blinders– Period crime piece.
The Crown– Royal drama.
The Defenders– Daredevil, Luke Cage, and Jessica Jones team up. Iron Fist shows up too.
Better Call Saul– Great prequel/sequel to Breaking Bad.
Turn– Revolutionary War spy drama.
The People vs OJ Simpson– Cuba Gooding as OJ,
House of Cards– Chilling.
Narcos– The Godfather in Columbia.
Stranger Things– Horror in the set in the 1980’s.
Marvel Agents of Shield– Comic book action, awesome guy names Phil (Lol)
Gotham– A different take on comic book world.
Atypical– A deals with a their autistic son.
Last Chance U– Interesting reality TV football drama.
Broadchurch– The BBC rock police shows.
Boss– Really good, cancelled before conclusion.

It Depends

Iron Fist– Maybe Marvel is running out ideas, not horrible but not great.
Sens8– Interesting premise, series cancelled final movie to wrap up loose ends on the way.
Marco Polo– Cancelled before conclusion.
Orange is the New Black– Early seasons good, later seasons not so much.
Master of None– Hit or miss.
Lillyhammer– a thinly veiled sequel to the Sopranos.
Longmire– Old style cop show.
Black Mirror– Hit or miss.
Making a Murderer– Not exactly even handed.
Orphan Black– Early seasons great, later seasons not so much.


The Discovery– train wreck.
Borgia– Insufferable, the end I was rooting for everybody to get wiped out.
The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt– Everybody like this but me.

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