Red Hots Reborn- Ray’s Red Hots

One of my favorite Ann Arbor eateries has been reborn.  For years Red Hot Lovers served up the best hot  dogs and chili cheese fries in Ann Arbor but I was horrified to discover that is had closed.

Recently I discovered that is has re-opened, renamed Ray’s Red Hots, and is better than ever!  The place has been revamped, the customer service is greatly improved and the menu is virutally the same.

I highly recommend you check this place out.  Summer is a great time for a coney dog and order of chili cheese fries.

My favorite order- get a mighty dog, grilled, with coney toppings 🙂

Ray’s Red Hots

629 East University
Ann Arbor, MI 48104
(734) 998-3647

Real Seafood Company- Ann Arbor, MI

One of the most enjoyable things to do in Ann Arbor during the summer is to dine outside on Main Street.

Tonight we ate at one of my favorite restaurants, The Real Seafood Company.  I’ve been eating at Real Seafood for nearly 20 years and it rarely disappoints.  Unfortunately, this visit was disappointing.  We sat for while before our waiter made it to our table and when we did finally order, the food took a long time to arrive.  Our appetizer was MIA.  Also disappointing was the cole slaw, one my long time favorites.  According to our waiter, the recipe had recently been changed and many patrons had complained.

On the positive side the entrees were great (grilled swordfish and whitefish marsala).

Despite our service problems, I still recommend Real Seafood.  I just hope they go back to their old cole slaw recipe!

Avenue Q Michigan Theater Ann Arbor, MI

Upon returning from New York, our musical binge continued with a touring edition of Avenue Q.

Avenue Q is a musical that blends puppets and live actors in a profane, witty musical- think Sesame Street with adult themes.  It tells the story of recent college graduate as he moves to the big city and learns about unemployment, romance, and how the real reason the internet was invented.

Avenue Q was entertaining and fun but not exactly for everyone.  It’s definitely not for children but anyone who grew up with Sesame Street will probably appreciate as its conventions are used to tell a tale for grown-ups.

Avenue Q Wikipedia Entry

Avenue Q Official Site