Recovery- Eminem

Eminem’s last album, Relapse, was a disappointment.  It had a few good songs but I wondered if maybe success (and excess) had dulled his talent.  Recovery is the album that Relapse wanted to be- an affirmation that Eminem still has the tale

nt and desire to connect with his audience.  Recovery finds Eminem free of his drug problems and dealing with demons that drove earlier work.

Disclosure- Eminem grew up in same part of Warren, Michigan as I did.  No, I never met him- we ran in different circles, but I always paid attention to his work and appreciated that he stayed in the Metro-Detroit area after finding fame.  I remember seeing a billboard for the film 8 Mile while on a business trip in Los Angeles and feeling a little bit of civic pride.

So I always pulled for him.  i hope that Recovery marks a new drama-free phase of Eminem’s career.

Hopefully, he’ll stay clean, stay sane, and continue to make great music.