Toy Story 3

When I heard that a new Toy Story was in the works, I was a little concerned.  It had been long time since the first two movies had come out.  Could Pixar recapture the magic?  The answer is a resounding YES.  The third installment of the Toy Story saga has all the story and heart of the first two movies.  Andy is on the way to college and future of the toys is at stake.

I highly recommend this movie with one slight reservation.  Near the end of the movie the toys find themselves in danger of being recycled and the scenes might be a little scary for toddlers.  But don’t worry, a happy ending soon follows.

Pixar once again has crafted a technological marvel that will pull the heartstrings of the most jaded viewers.  Young filmmakers would be wise to to study the films of Pixar.  While relying

on advanced computer technology to create the film- every second of film time is made up of 24 frames and each frame took 7-10 hours of computer rendering time and that doesn’t include the thousands of hours needed to create the character models, the story never is neglected.