Wicked on Broadway

On a recent trip to New York my wife and saw a performance (4/3 evening) of Wicked.  Being a big fan of its music I was excited to see it in person.  One the great things about seeing a show on Broadway is that theaters have an intimacy that you don’t often get when you a touring company.  Unfortunately, Wicked plays in the Gershwin Theater which is one of the larger theaters on Broadway, so I would recommend getting seats in the first 10 rows- even the balcony and mezzanine are pretty far back so I wouldn’t recommend those locations either.  Seriously, the theater has the charm of the a shopping mall.

Fortunately, we had third row seats which made for an outstanding experience.

Wikipedia has a great synapsis here.

Having only listened to the soundtrack on CD, seeing the play in person filled in quite a few gaps in the story.  The performances were top notch and the sets and lighting were amazing.  One slight quibble is that the production was breaking in a new performer as Elphaba and it seemed that she was slightly tentative in a few places.  We were close enough to see some glances from the cast encouraging her during the performance.

The strength of Wicked is the music, especially the songs of act 1.  The book has a few awkward turns, surprising for musical that is as polished as Wicked.  Note that the musical differs from the novel- the book I’m referring to is that dialog and plot of the musical.  SPOILER ALERT- For example when Elphaba escapes at the end, the reason for not letting Glenda know seems pretty weak.

Still the strength of the performances, the sets, and the music make a Wicked a must see.

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