Where does innovation live? Despicable Me

Sometimes humor can stealthily deliver a powerful message.

Take the new movie, Despicable Me, a new 3-D feature that debuted this weekend.

When GRE, the “despicable” protagonist, needs an innovation to get his evil mojo back where does he find it?

In the past he might have stolen it from the Army or maybe a hapless inventor working out of his garage.

In 2010, he goes to Asia and steals it.

The message is subtle but stinging.  The United States which historically has been viewed as the technology leader of the word has slipped.  GRE approaches the Evil Bank (humorously referred to as being formerly named Lehman Brothers) to fund his dastardly endeavors but for technology innovation he goes to the Far East.

I’ve been researching book on technology innovation so maybe I’m reading too much into it after all it’s just a movie.

But a generation of children are being exposed to the notion that cool technology doesn’t originate in the United States.

Hopefully someday we’ll look back at this film and laugh at the notion of cool new technology being the exclusive domain of the far east.  Let’s hope so…