Gods and Generals

Just finished watching God and Generals during my treadmill time.

Gods is a prequel to Gettysburg (1993) and covers the beginning of the Civil War.  The movie begins with the Robert E. Lee being offered command of the army- the Union Army- which he rejects to lead the Army of Virginia on the Confederate side.  

Interesting points

  • Many soldiers felt more aligned with their particular States then the United States government.  Many were driven by this loyalty instead ideology.
  • The southern states felt provoked by the Union raising an army.
  • The Union side was hamstrung by poor leadership

The movie ends with a Confederate rout of Union forces setting the table for the event in Gettysburg.

Originally, Gods and Gettysburg were intended to be the first two parts of a trilogy with the final movie chronicling the rest of the Civil War, to be called The Last Full Measure.  At this point, it appears that the final movie will not be made.

God and Generals Wikipedia Entry

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